7 Home Design Themes For New Homeowners That Are #homegoals

Just as how there could probably be a million and one ways to dress to impress, the same could be said at how we choose to “dress our homes”.

In many ways, homes styling can reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowners. From extravagant, Versailles-like interiors to the Zen ambience of Asian influences – there is no shortage of variety when it comes to home design.

Conceptualising the most ideal theme may be challenging, especially since there are so many out there. To make the process easier, here are introductions to 7 trendy home themes we’ve sourced online that are more than Instagram-worthy enough to make lasting impressions.

Consider these themes before speaking to our designers for inspirations!


1. Modern

Probably the most common of them all, you can hardly go wrong with modern design.

The style incorporates clean, sharp distinctions with simplicity. However, the most important aspect of maintaining a modern theme is for the home to remain as clutter-free as possible.

Notice how clutter-free this home is!

And we all know how hard that could be especially with a Taobao or Shopee sale taking place every alternate week.


2. Contemporary

Commonly confused with modern design, contemporary design aligns with similar principles as modern themes.

Wouldn’t you love to rock contemporary design?

The difference is in the flexibility that contemporary styles allow. It follows even more closely to what is popular and in trend at the current period of time.

Quite simply, as long as it looks good, you’re good to go!


3. Industrial

If you asked your parents about leaving your concrete floors and pipe fittings exposed, you might get one of the most questionable looks ever.

But, we youngsters can’t deny that there’s a sense of appeal in unfinished rawness and exposed brick and wood.

A style that’ll wow your guest!

Industrial themed homes can be achieved through the use of raw materials like wood and other metals.


4. Traditional

On the flip-side, if you prefer something a little more rustic or reserved, going traditional is your best bet.

Yet as the word suggests, “traditional” should not limit your style to countryside cottages, kampungs or old-school shophouses. In fact, traditional means keeping things balanced like having a neutral colour scheme. Traditional should be a bi-word for a theme that is both simple and inviting.


5. Minimalist

We’ve touched on minimalism in our previous articles before – and we still can’t deny that it might be one theme that is hard to NOT consider.

Minimalism is all about keeping things functions, clean and orderly. The theme refrains itself from clutter and contrast, because after all, isn’t already messy as it is?


6. Scandinavian

Although, one of the main differences between the two is that Scandinavian doesn’t shy away from having some form of artistic flair while maintaining a practical and spacious function.

If we were to summarise Scandinavian in one word – say it with us – IKEA!

Simplest room, and also it is our expertise!

Space n Living is the best at creating a Scandinavian design for your home!


7. Hollywood

Last but not least, Hollywood Glam is all about being over-the-top, opulent and luxurious, all without being pretentious.

Hollywood Glam signatures include plush-velvety furniture, statement-making antique and bold colours.

Conceptualising on how your home would look like may be exciting, but visualising those concepts using industry leading solutions is even more fulfilling.

With years of experience and technical knowledge in the field of interior design, Space n Living is your ideal partner in translating your dream home ideas into a reality.

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