Live Big in Small Space

4 Solutions To Live Big In Your Not-As-Big Home


Let’s face it the rather harsh reality: new HDB BTOs these days are just not as spacious as they were before – as much as we deny it, we know it’s true.

Nevertheless, just like those home showcases at IKEA, a small space should only make for more creative big ideas for your beloved abode.

So enough with the sizable puns: Here are 5 mind-blowing solutions to live big in a small home.


Choosing the most efficient home themes

The first step that we’d recommend towards having a spacious home is to decide on a theme that would allow it to happen in the first place.

In other words, you might want to avoid having a concept like the “halls of Versailles”.

The concept may seem grand, but having such bulky décor won’t do justice with the amount of real estate it takes up.

Instead, go for light and minimalistic concepts. Having minimalistic themes may be cliché, but the effects of having one is certainly visible.

The key, is sticking to a clean and functional design – where there is a space and purpose for everything you place around your home.

It doesn’t only have to be black and white either (fun fact: that’s called monochromatic). Feel free to add in any colour scheme you like, so long it’s nothing with too much contrast.



You may have read our article about open-concept kitchens , but how far could we bring this idea forward?

As Miley Cyrus once screamed:

she came in like a wrecking ball… on that wall.

Okay, maybe she didn’t say “on the wall”, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering to smash a wall or two.

If you have spare bedrooms, consider breaking it down to expand even more space for your common areas such as your living or dining areas.

Do note however, that not all walls can be broken down. Consult your contractor first as, breaking a wall might weaken the structure of your entire apartment block! 


Glass, Glass, Glass

On the flip side however, we understand that not all home owners may be interested in having too much openness.

For those who prefer to keep their home compartmentalised and/or those who just like to have distinct rooms, consider playing around with glass dividers and mirrors.

Whether it’s a display cabinet for all your school trophies, or an entire glass wall, these installations will help to create the illusion of unbounded space that conventional walls could never achieve.

Furthermore, the clever placement of mirrors can make create a multi-dimensional effect at areas that would otherwise appear cramped without them.

Don’t we all wish we could enter the mirror dimension anyway?



Last but not least, not all solutions for a spacious home comes from physical boundaries. A change in home habits might play a significant role too.

However, this might be the most difficult thing to change.

For example, reminding yourself (and other home occupants) to keep areas of the house clutter-free would pay dividend in the long run.

Rule of thumb: if you have something kept around your house for more two years without using them – like that wooden spoon from that Bali trip 5 years ago –  it is a clear sign to dispose of these items as soon as possible.

Unless you’re looking to buy a resale flat from an older estate, the limitation in space will ironically play the biggest consideration point when you’re designing your home.

Hiring an experienced and trusted home designer might just make the process that much easier.

With years of experience of designing interior solutions and bespoke homes of all sizes in Singapore, Space N Living might just have the ideas you’re looking for.

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