5 Remedies For Your Home Renovation Headaches And Stresses

Going through with home renovations can be a stressful process: from picking the right colour for the living room, to convincing your fiancé that his man cave is taking too much of your mini-library space.

Having a sharp OCD sense won’t help either.

Of course everyone will notice that unsightly, 3.47mm panel gap in your bespoke parquet flooring.

But what if we told you that renovating need not be such a vain-popping process? Here are 5 easy-to-adopt remedies to not only ease those renovation stresses, but potentially make the whole process enjoyable too!

1. Setting your budget right

There’s probably a million and one things to decide when renovating a home – especially when it comes to choosing the perfect tiles, wallpaper, floors, bathroom fittings, cabinets, paints, appliances… and the list goes on.

Even a simple visit to something like a bathroom fitting showroom, will present you with literally hundreds if not thousands of selections to choose from.

A good way to streamline your choices is by setting a solid budget for each aspect of your renovation.

That way you and/or your interior designer, is able to pick out the best choices that fits your needs and wants.

Having a well-planned budget may also give you that extra insight when making those hard decisions: such as compromising on fancy faucets so you can afford that fancy new fridge all your friends talk about.

2. Making Collective Decisions

Whether you’re a young couple with your first home, or a family due for a home makeover, listening to the needs and consideration of every household member is important.

After all, a home is a shared space meant for all occupants to feel right at… home.

Although, everyone might not get what they want exactly, the results of the renovation will still be all worth it when you remember why you’re going through a home improvement/renovation in the first place.

3. Be Flexible

A renovation is a complex process especially when there are many stakeholders and contractors playing a role. Things might go slightly awry and cause unexpected delays along the way.

The key is to remain calm and flexible. Try to have alternatives or seek professional advice from your contractor if necessary.

Avoid making harsh decisions and you might very well be rewarded in the long run.

4. Planning Well

A renovations can be chaotic too.

With so many things going on at the same time, keeping track of progress may present a daunting challenge – especially if (and when) hiccups happen along the way.

Keeping an organised timeline of completion deadlines, deliveries and other important dates might just save you from renovation anxiety.

A timeline gives you rough estimates of what to do next. Ultimately, it could just help you to keep that end goal in sight – the highly-anticipated move-in date.

5. Choosing the right Interior Designers and Contractors

Sometimes, all you need for stress-free renovation experience is just to have a contractor that you can trust your home with… literally.

As much as price is a big factor when selecting your designer + contractor, other important considerations include the companies’ reliability, quality and ability to express your ideas into reality.

Like we said before, the difference between an average contractor and a good one might be that 3.47mm panel gap.

Space N Living has a combination of both youthful creatives as well as industry veterans. Renovate your home with a peace of mind at the hands of seasoned veterans – who knows exactly what to look out for – even if you may not!

Having a trusty consultant by your side throughout the renovation allows you to worry less and focus on what’s most important: your home.

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