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Beyond design aspirations

Space n Living is a comprehensive interior design firm based in Singapore. With a good mix of both veterans and creative youths in their ranks, Space n Living has been a popular choice among renovation and interior design seekers. We focus on bringing out the creativity of home building together with our clients, so we can make your dream home into a reality.

Every project we received is tailor-made down to the last centimeter to ensure exquisite results for all our clients. No stone (or tile) is left unturned when it comes to building the perfect home. Maximizing aesthetic and functionality, we guarantee a living space like no others.

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Established in 2012, Space n Living has been named by Renovation Advisors like HomeRenoGuru and Renopedia numerous times as the go-to interior firm that’ll create the perfect space. Space n Living has been gaining recognition years after years as the interior designer of choice for many.  

In 2016, we were awarded with CaseTrust x RCMA Joint Accreditation for Renovators, when there were less than 1.5% of all interior designers in Singapore are CaseTrust accredited! We passed the stringent audits and compliancy with pride, and we put it into tangible results so YOU can have a stress-free renovation from the start to the end.

We safeguard ALL our clients by providing FREE Renovation Insurance Bond for all projects, by guaranteeing a 100% pay-back on their down payment for anything less than a satisfactory work done.


Rest assured. With Space n Living, you’re in good hands.


Why Our Clientele love us?

Laser-Focused Quotation

Precise quotation so you’ll know where every cent is going.

Quality Craftmanship

Highest level of workmanship, ZERO compromise on quality. 1-year workmanship warranty for our customers, no question asked.

Transparent Documentation

Every paperwork is vetted down to the finest detail. Your documents are handled by professionals.

STRESS-FREE Insurance Bond

In OTHER firms, this is NOT free nor guaranteed. With us, every customer receives a FULL pay-back on down payment for any unsatisfactory work

HDB and CaseTrust-RCMA Accredited

With only 1.5% of all firms in Singapore receiving this award, we uphold our work ethics and transparency with pride so YOU can have a peace of mind.

Superb After-Sales Services

Our work does not end just because we’re done with renovation. Call us anytime you need, and we’ll be down to help.

Come Home to ...


A heart-warming space that you and family can truly call "home."


Design that will withstand time.


A place where memories are formed with your loved ones.

latest news

Live Big in Small Space

We know how stressful it can get when it comes to house renovations for first time homeowners. With new homeowners often being eager to move into their new homes, one of the considerations that goes into renovations would be choosing the most suitable design for your home that is functional, aesthetically-pleasing and budget-friendly. We’ve come up with our top 5 Interior Designs for our clients, which might help to spark your creativity and help you have a sense of how you want your home sweet home to look like!

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Our Partners

To ensure only the Highest Quality Materials are used.

Our Accomplishments...

•  HDB Licensed and CaseTrust-RCMA accredited company

•  800+ HDB Renovated

•  500+ BTO Renovated

•  300+ Condo Renovated

•  Over 10+ Landed Estate Renovated

•  Over 10+ Commercials Renovated

•   Over 1000+ Satisfied Homeowners

•   8 years in the making and counting

•   Credible, Trustworthy and Reliable ID firm in Singapore!

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